Directv Packages

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Directv is a television streaming service similar to cable TV which allows you to watch channels based on the package that you apply for. The services include TV broadcasts, local station broadcasts, satellite radio, and a lot of other services. We are going to focus on the Directv packages that you can choose from.

There are quite a few exciting packages that you can get once you subscribe to the streaming service. The packages differ in channels and in cost. We will give you a brief overview of them in the next section. The services are more or less the same. Only the number of channels and a few extra features vary.

Directv Packages

There are basically six packs in total that you can avail on Directv. You can find out all the information about them on the official website or from here. Here is some basic info on all the packs.

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Directv Packages


  • This is the most basic pack and it costs $35 a month. The SELECT pack is the most affordable pack of Directv and it offers 150+ channels. Users also get HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz at no extra cost for the first three months.


  • The cost will increase with the Directv packages and this package offers 155+ channels and it will cost you $40 month. Of course, you have to pay for other charges such as installation and the taxes on top of the package charge.


  • This pack costs $45 and gives you 185+ channels to watch. Extra perks are included such as a free NFL Sunday ticket.


  • Gives you 230+ Channels at $55 per month and the 2018 NFL Sunday ticket for free.


  • The ultimate Directv pack has 245+ channels and costs you $60 a month and extra perks as the XTRA Pack.


  • This is the top-of-the-line pack of Directv packages and the costliest, most feature packed. At $110/month, you get 325+ channels including HBO, Starz, and the 2018 NFL Sunday ticket.

You can choose the one that you can afford and the one that most satisfies your needs.

With this, we would like to finish the discussion onĀ Directv Packages. If you need to know more about the packs or how to avail them, then you can contact us at DirectvLogin.